Obaluaiye  visits  the    Indians for a dollar and a Quarter

Obaluaiye is the Yuruba god with the power
to spread and cure Smallpox, striking down the
arrogant with pestilence.

The statue clearly takes the form of George
Washington, the first president of the USA.
Culturally, he nears godliness as a founding
father, politician, businessman, and general.
We have a story of him cutting down his father´s
cherry tree. To prove the honesty of the figure
the young Washington replies, "I can not tell a lie
Father, it was I."
The Native Americans fell pray at devastating rates to European Diseases, in particular Smallpox. I must note that it was not always accidental. The English used smallpox infested blankets as a sort of Biological weapon against the Native Americans.

I am saddened when Politicians use moral reasons for political, economic, or military gain. The annihilation of the Indian and the domination of the American west was justified by Manifest Destiny, stating that America was promised to White Christians. But even today in 2003, The President Justifies his Conquests with "a battle of Good versus Evil".

Today there is a fear in America of Biological weapon retaliation. It is ironic that these primitive weapons, so feared today, were so helpful in securing this land.

Obaluaiye´s Wrath will not always ignore arrogance.

October 14, 2003
Frederick Wright Jones