Frederick Wright Jones

  • Born March 26, 1975 in Pheonixville,
    Pennsylvania, USA

  • 1989-1993 High School in Pottstown,

  • 1993-1996 Rhode Island School of
    Design, Sculpture Major

  • 1997 Marries high school sweetheart,
    Christine Achtermann, and becomes the
    father of Moses Younglove Jones

  • 1997-1999 Bachelor of the Arts,
    Fine Arts Major, at the University of
    Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

  • Frederick Wright Jones lives,
    since 1999, with his wife, Christine,
    and their son, Moses,
    in Hamburg Germany.

  • 2005 becomes the father of Samson
    Root Jones


  • 1995 Third Eye Gallery Providence Rhode Island, USA,
        Third Eye Art Collective

  • 1996
    ° The Black History Society, Providence Rhode Island,
    Students group show
    ° The Black Repertoire Theater, Providence, Rhode Island

  • 1999 Meyerson Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, student show

  • 2001 Art e Vinum, Hamburg, Germany, with Pavel Ehrlich
    Haus Basse, Leer, Germany, group show of 8

  • 2002
    ° Heide Museums Insel, Heide, Germany, with Annette Czerny
    ° Schloß Reinbek, Reinbek, Germany, art fair
    ° ElbArt NN, Hamburg, Germany, group show
    ° The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
       African American artists in Clay

  • 2003 Home and Garden, Hamburg, Germany, with
    Hamburger Baumkletterer

  • 2004-Soteria, Hamburg, Germany, 4 artist show

  • 2005 S.K.A.M., Hamburg, Germany, "A Place to Meet" 1 man show

     Art ...
    is a visual study of existence. Art is my nourishment.
    I can live without art, but not for long. I have done jobs 5 or 6 days in the week, but as months go by I begin to lose concentration and think about Material Displacement called art. At that point I quit my job. I need to study my placement in this world.

    A friend of mine told me that "You have to know where you are coming from to know where you are going". The reference deals with genealogy and the timing of its telling fit together with other events in my life. At the time, for example, my mother, an artist, began researching her bloodlines, together with my father, an archeologist. My parents, artist and historian, Spirit and Science, are a strong base for me.

    My blood is the blood of many nations, some friends, some enemies, and some strangers. Within my veins flow conflicts. Within my blood are truths ignored that must be brought to light. This may be true for many of us. For me it is a vital part of my life. It is a path that I follow. It is the spur of my art.

    My family is my blood. The family relationship is a solid institution. It is the base of social interaction. I hear talk of the disintegration of the family, but I feel the strength of love. I, as father and husband, as son and grandson, explore the relationships, meanings, and lessons of blood bond. I am pulled to know, from where the blood that is close to me, pulsing in my relatives veins, comes from. I yearn to know my ancestors. I research the stories and histories of my people. I read about great leaders of the past, searching for heroes. I study the cultures of those who paved the way for me. They are my blood. The live, breathing with my lungs and working with my hands. Praises to the ancestors.

    Art is a Journey and a study. With each completion comes answers to old questions, but new questions also form. It is a never ending process. The only completion I await is that of a worthy life. Thanks and Praise to the Creator Frederick Wright Jones

     I would like to thank:

    The Gunther Family

    for the Pine wood used for Generator

    Treeman Dan

    for the Black Walnut wood used for Tribal Heritage,


    for the Apple wood and Pear wood in Mask of Regret,

    Miene Ehlers-Witt

    for the Willow wood used in Male Pregnancy,

    Bezirksamt Hamburg Nord

    for the Beech wood used in
    Nat Turner Takes Gabriel´s Lead in Setting Things Straight,

    Christine Ebeling

    for the opportunity to blacksmith,

    Pavel Ehrlich

    for inspiration and my first show in Germany,

    Arbor Artists and Astwerk

    for help with transport,


    for the cherry wood used in Obaluaiye visit the Indians for a Dollar and a Quarterv and The Modern David

    Felix Martin

    for photo work in Performance, much artistic advice and my portrait Moses Younglove Jones for a quick reality check.

    Christine Achtermann Jones

    for the love used to go forward, and last but not least, The Lord God Almighty for life.


    for my web site